The Stanley Cupcake

Love cake? Cakes and cupcakes for every occasion...even Game 7!

Welcome to The Stanley Cupcake

     Welcome to the home of The Stanley Cupcake! I am based in Edmonton, designing, baking and decorating unique and beautiful celebration cakes and cupcakes. All of my cakes are freshly baked to order using the finest ingredients like unsalted butter, whole milk, locally produced eggs and Barry Callibaut chocolate. Yes, that means EVERYTHING is made from scratch!

     I started making cakes for every event I could think of (hence my inspiration for this website's name) and have been hooked ever since! For all of my returning friends, yes, there has been a slight "tweak" in the name of my website - I thought it further represented how my clients' tastes have expanded!


       Do you believe in the power of cake?*

   Everything is better with cake! *I am not sure where I have heard this but I love this mantra! I pander to the most sinful of gateaux for the days when no one wants to count calories! Who says cakes were just for a special occasion?

        Please remember custom work takes time. A detailed cake can take several hours to create and some decorations must be made days in advance to allow for adequate drying time. I am still learning the tricks of the trade but welcome any challenges or requests that come my way.